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If you are a plaintiff who is seeking compensation for US Military vaccine injuries, Anglo-American Legal Finance Group (AALFG) can provide you with pre-settlement funding in the form of a lawsuit cash advance. If your case has already been decided, but you are awaiting further payment, a post-settlement advance can bring you all of the money in a lump sum. If represent a US Military Vaccine law firm or are a military vaccine lawyer who is seeking legal funding, AALFG can provide you with attorney or law firm funding in the form of a law firm loan, non-recourse cash advance, or law firm line of credit.

Members of the military are sometime ordered to take certain vaccinations, including the anthrax medication. Generally, these vaccinations have minimal adverse effects and are meant to protect soldiers form naturally occurring diseases as well as biological agents released with an intent to harm. However, the military has in the past administered vaccines in such a way as to possibly unleash some of the harmful side effects. For example, the military administered the anthrax vaccine to pregnant soldiers, even though these vaccines greatly increase the risk of giving birth to a child with birth defects.

The Anthrax vaccine is very controversial, especially because the advertised rate of adverse reactions was misleading. Although the military initially claimed that the rate of incidence of adverse reactions was .02%. However, more impartial studies have found that the adverse reaction rate is at least 5%, and some people speculate that it is even much higher—85%. Soldiers are sometimes given a direct order to take the vaccine, even though there are some possible exemptions. The anthrax vaccine is also controversial because many people speculate that there is no proven connection between taking the vaccine and developing a resilience to real anthrax. A Kansas State University study has also indicated that the anthrax vaccine is likely one of the causes of Gulf War Syndrome.

The anthrax vaccine was mandatory until 2003, until a court decided that it was illegal to order a non-FDA approved vaccine. However, immediately after that, the FDA approved the vaccine after having only tested in on animals.

Aside of the anthrax vaccine, there has been a good amount of controversy over experimental vaccines, which have left some soldiers deathly ill. Some people have claimed that the military was engaged in a cover-up.

If you believe you have been injured by military vaccines, you may be entitled to VA Benefits. Contact our staff today to discuss your case funding options and learn how a lawsuit cash advance can improve your chances of successfully recovering compensation.

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